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Foster Families & Adoption

Therapy can be used to treat a wide variety of concerns related to adoption and foster care. Some ways therapy may help people cope with adoption or foster care include:

  • Exploring one’s identity

  • Telling a child they are adopted. Adoptive parents may be able to help by providing children with as much information as possible and by answering any questions a child might have about their adoption.

  • Processing trauma, posttraumatic stress (PTSD), or abuse

  • Addressing behavioral disorders in adopted or foster children

  • Working through anxiety, depression, addiction, or another mental health issue

  • Healing attachment issues experienced by children or adults who were adopted and/or in foster care

Attachment issues may be helped or resolved with intensive attachment-specific therapy, in addition to child and family trauma work. Skilled and loving caregivers who can self-regulate and provide children with what they need developmentally may be successful at helping children who face these issues adjust.

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